BBC Radio 4 Consumer Programme ‘You and Yours’ highlight the vulnerability of Executors to personal claims

November 11, 2019 11:38 am

The BBC Radio Four Consumer Programme ‘ You and Yours’ has highlighted just how vulnerable executors in terms of  their personal liability to claims.

A listener who had been named as an executor in her mother’s will contacted the programme for help.  She explained she had taken on the role of executor as a promise to her mother that she would carry out her last wishes ‘ a moral duty…. so she could have peace of mind’ but now  found herself caught in the middle of a nightmare scenario which had been unpredictable.

Her mother’s will had unexpectedly been disputed by another party which prevented any assets being liquidated but had left her as the exectuor personally liable for spiralling legal defence costs of £90,000 even though she  amounting in total to more than £150,000.