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28th Aug

Executors Need to be Balanced and Fair to Protect Against Claims

A recent case (Griffin v Higgs & Ors 2018) , where executors were ordered to pay costs of over £1million, as... View Article

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24th Jun

Can Executors Claim Expenses Against an Estate?

When you become the executor of an estate, you take on an unpaid and time-consuming role with considerable responsibilities attached.... View Article

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change in probate charges
04th Apr

Changes in Probate Charges Present a New Issue for Executors

An executor is responsible for any outgoings connected with a deceased estate, including probate fees; these have for many years... View Article

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07th Mar

Executors Can Be Held Responsible For Unpaid Debts Connected to a Deceased Estate

Two simple steps to protect you from claims – Executors and Administrators can be held personally responsible for unpaid debts... View Article

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23rd Jan

Online Probate Service Now Launched Across England & Wales

The courts service is confident that their new online probate applications system will enable most executors, dealing with simple estates,... View Article

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20th Dec

Santander Fined £32.8 million for Holding Money from Bereaved Accounts

A chaotic probate and bereavement service at Santander bank, left beneficiaries out of pocket as the bank failed to distribute... View Article

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04th Jun

What is the Executor’s Year?

Organising the distribution of an estate and dealing with probate is not a quick process even with very straightforward wills... View Article

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28th Mar

Are Lay Executors Entitled to Financial Compensation?

The short answer is no – although being a lay executor can be very time consuming and involved, there is... View Article

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08th Feb

How can an Executor protect themselves against Claims from Unknown Creditors?

Executors can be held personally liable if a creditor comes to light long after an estate has been distributed but... View Article

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01st Feb

Should Parents Choose their Children as Executors?

Parents often choose their children to act as joint executors but this can be a recipe for disaster if they... View Article

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