How Does Executors Insurance Work?

Executors Insurance offers up to four lay executors £1 million of indemnity protection for 18 months (estates are normally administered and distributed over a 12-18 month period).

The policy premium can be re-claimed from the estate as part of the executors’ reasonable expenses. The premium is a one off cost of £530 for 1 to 4 executors. The policy can be extended for a further 12 months for a premium of £265.

Cruically for the policy to shield you from the potential liabilities associated with probate, it must be taken out in the early stages of estate management – not when problems or disputes have already arisen. So if you have taken on the role of executor within the last six months and you are not aware of any potential claims against you, you can apply for a policy online.

We all know it makes sense to insure our home, car and other prized possessions but the potential costs of being named as an executor can often be overlooked. Executors Insurance is the smart way of ensuring peace of mind when tasked with the difficult duties of estate management.
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Protection against errors made during probate

Legal expenses cover

An 18 month policy with cover of up to £1,000,000

Covers up to four executors

The cost of the policy can be covered by the estate as a legitimate legal expense, so you pay nothing.