More Information for Executors and Estate Administrators

There is a huge amount of information available to executors – a good starting point is the Government Probate Service website.

To find a detailed explanation of the Trustee Act 2000 visit the Government Legislation Website Trustee Act 2000.

Other Online Information for Executors and Estate Administrators offers executors and anyone else dealing with the affairs of a deceased estate a comprehensive and practical guide. provides comprehensive support for executors dealing with probate property. Probate property can be difficult to handle and it is likely to be the most valuable asset within an estate. The Executor is responsible for ensuring that it is managed correctly -it is the duty of an Executor to secure, insure and maintain the property and there is also a legal obligation to demonstrate that the best possible outcome has been achieved to satisfy all beneficiaries. Since 1997 Residential property solutions, provided by Move with Us, have been used widely within the UK by financial institutions, new home developers, trusts, charities and solicitors. They now provide a bespoke property management service for Executors and Estate Administrators.

Advice on Planning Your Affairs is a multi-award winning site which provides unbiased advice on planning the end of your own life as well as coping with the emotional and practical side of loosing someone close to you. They offer a wide range of digital services, with everything from a cost comparison of funeral companies to a digital safe deposit box, where you can outline your plans and wishes for the end of your life.